Teh Gelas Cup Original

Teh Gelas, #AsliItuGua, #AsliItuTehGelas

The world's favorite drink, is now here for you. Teh Gelas is the perfect combination of brewed quality tea leaves and 100% natural sugar. Teh Gelas, rich in polyphenols as antioxidants that are good for health. Teh Gelas, a healthy and natural tea.

Presented in practical cup packaging, making Teh Gelas your best friend every time and any for occasion. At home, school, on the go, anywhere, anytime. Make sure Teh Gelas is always there with you. With an exclusive packaging design and easy to hold, Teh Gelas is the best treat to entertain your guests. Teh Gelas, Fresh Natural Goodness.

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