Casa Verde Indonesia

Fueled by a growing need for cleaning products within our parent company, PT Casa Verde Indonesia was established on July 6th 2011. The name ‘Casa Verde Indonesia’ is derived from the words ‘Casa Verde’ which means ‘Green House’ in Spanish, and ‘Indonesia’ which is our country of origin. To this day, PT Casa Verde Indonesia have developed a variety of cleaning products with the goal of providing a total cleaning solution, in line with our vision of “Improving life through hygiene and health”, as well as our mission “to become the premier one-step cleaning, sanitizing and hygiene solution provider”.


On 23rd May 2013, PT Casa Verde Indonesia became an officially registered manufacturer of cleaning products in Indonesia. PT Casa Verde Indonesia holds an official permit from Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, allowing for the production and distribution of laundry products, cleaning products, antiseptics / disinfectants, as well as air fresheners.


In that same year, PT Casa Verde Indonesia was officially authorized by the Ministry of Health to distribute and sell our products to the public, under the brands PRIMA and PRIMA PROTECT+. All of PT Casa Verde Indonesia’s products will have an official permit number from the Ministry of Health (KEMENKES).


In the year 2019, all of Casa Verde Indonesia’s products under the brand PRIMA and PRIMA PROTECT+ earned the halal certification and thus are officially registered with the Indonesian Ulema Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia/MUI).


Today, PT Casa Verde Indonesia continues to grow as we aspire to reach our goal of becoming a total cleaning solutions provider. We are backed by a strong team of researchers constantly innovating and developing products to fulfill the consumers’ needs. Our experienced sales team also work tirelessly to ensure all our customers are satisfied with our products.